Photo Booth in Hudson’s Bay – Vancouver Oakridge Centre – Fast & Flawless

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In an effort to raise awareness for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), Hudson’s Bay in Vancouver Oakridge Centre held an exclusive beauty event “Fast & Flawless”. With a purchase of a $10 ticket, shoppers get to enjoy complimentary refreshments, entertainment, prizes and beauty consultations. Most importantly, a portion of it goes towards the BCRF also a chance to use our photo booth! The template for the prints was simple yet elegant with a gray gradient background, the company logo as well as the “Damask” backdrop. For this particular event, we’ve stocked up on some awesome props from The Avengers such as Captain America’s shield and Iron Man. The photo booth was very popular and we’ve received lots of compliments on great it was! It provided hours of laughter and entertainment for all shoppers and their staff that day. Thanks to our high speed printer, everyone was amazed at the quality of the prints and how fast it printed. Some were even surprised that there was a print!

A special thanks to the friendly staff at the cosmetics section – it was great to work with them!



shoppers using the photo booth at Hudson's Bay Oakridge

Shoppers using the photo booth at Hudson's Bay Oakridge